25. Oct. 2021
I saw this shit at the crossroad of Rämistrasse and Heimplatz, in Zurich. 
The date was, the 3rd of June of 2022.
It was one of those calm, orange afternoons that are typical of a Zurich early summer. 
The Kantonspolizei was notified and they arrived quickly.

25. Oct. 2021

a: Holy shit, time flies.

b: Yes, it is a rocket with a nuclear fission propulsed motor that is constantly moving forward and leaving a tracer in the space-time fabric. That fabric is where we exist, not in time, but in the constant passage of time. Time was here, would read the graffiti if time had any interest in street art, but unfortunately speed is truly its only thing and it doesn’t care about anything else.


a: Holy shit... time flies.

(this scene repeats six times)

16. Nov. 2020

Where do we go from here?... And me?

09. Jan. 2020

Getting there. Really. I promise. 

22. May. 2019

Developing a theory on the the symbiotic relationship between self inflicted agony and the unstoppable desire to amass material possesions.